Dragon City APK Download 22.7.0 for Android

Tuesday, 11 October 2022 (2 months ago) 73 views
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Enjoy Dragon City Mobile on PC

Dragon City Mobile on PC is a game of simulation where you are able to visit an island, and you can collect cute dragons with fire breath! It’s thrilling, entertaining and thrilling! Show that you’re the top Dragon Master in the world!


The game online is created by Socialpoint and is available with Android as well as iOS devices. Get Dragon City Mobile and immerse yourself in this exciting adventure!

Dragon City APK Download

Do you have the ability to gather and breed plenty of gorgeous dragons on this island of dragons? Learn to master this game of dragons and you will become the top dragon master of the world. Train your cute dragon however you progress and gradually increase your collection.


Create your unique Dragon City Mobile on floating islands to rule the globe! Your city will be filled with structures, farms and, of course, lots of dragons! These adorable baby dragons are admiring you! Take care of them and feed them fresh produce of your own farms.


Take every step you can to assist your adorable little dragons develop into magnificent monsters and increase your collection. You can now use your dragons to fight with other dragons in PVP Arenas!


You can be a part of a group with world-wide dragons in the game. You can do this by joining an Alliance and interacting and chatting with them. Join events and exchange Orbs and earn unique rewards!

Dragon City APK Download

Mix different dragons such as fire, nature pure, fire, and other elements, and mix to create unique hybrids! Dragons can also be acquired through events in the game to expand you Dragon City Mobile collection!


It is also possible to play Dragon City Mobile in your browser on your computer or mobile, without downloading. Just click and play instantly!

Download Dragon City APK Download 22.7.0 for Android

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