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More About SB Game Hacker

The game cheating application was developed by a group known as stools. They gave it its title SB Game Hacker APK, or Game Hacker (short). We don’t currently have any information about the developers, other than that they may be Chinese since this license contract is in Mandarin.

Game Hacker is certainly your top choice in the field of memory editors, especially even if you’ve never used one before and are looking to begin hacking games. The app will help you navigate the process without having the use of any previous prior experience or knowledge of editing memories for the procedure. The application automatically joins the game’s process and effortlessly guides you through scanning values, without any instruction or handholding, just by using an intuitive and extremely well-designed user interface.

In the end, SB Game Hacker is highly recommended for both beginners and professionals alike.

Game Hacker APK


  • The easiest app for beginners for hacking games. simple to use, and simple to learn.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface that feels and looks great.
  • Different search modes and value types are all very thoroughly explained.
  • Normal Mode (NM) is used to search for a single value for one type of data.
  • The Combined Mode (CM) is for searching for multiple values within an of values.
  • Fuzzy Scan Mode (FZ) Fuzzy Scan Mode (FZ): For search results based on numerical variations (increased or decreased, unchanged, etc.)
  • DE-Encryption Scanning Mode (DE) for searching encrypted values.
  • Types of value supported: DWord (0 – 4294967295), Word (0-65535) (decimal points), Float (decimal points) as well as Depth/Auto (auto select type of value).
  • The fastest scanning speed for memory editors is available on Android to date.
  • Auto update function.
  • There aren’t a lot of sophisticated game hacking capabilities However, it covers the basics absolutely.
  • Useful with no root by using virtualization applications.
  • A decent game-hacking tool to get endless gems, coins, money, and other items.

How do you make use of

Game Hacker APK

  1. To hack a single-player game (not on the internet) with your Android device with Game Hacker, make sure that your device is rooted. The process won’t be able to work if there is no root authorization is granted to the application.
  2. Installation of Game Hacker APK as well as then granting it root rights.
  3. Begin the game and would like to have unlimited money items, gems such as score, etc. Be sure that the value is clear if unfamiliar using Fuzzy search.
  4. Click the Game Hacker icon at the left-hand side of your screen to speed up the application and begin searching for the value that you would prefer to change to play the game. Enter the value and then press the Search button. (Make sure that the app is running in NM (Normal Mode) and is scanning for Auto/Depth (Value type).
  5. The app will then recommend you change the value in the game and then enter the updated value. Make the change: Change the value with the help of gameplay mechanics. Once you have entered it. Press the search button once more.
  6. Repeat this procedure until Game Hacker gives you the values that match and you are able to alter them to 9999999 or whatever number you’d like to.
  7. Congratulations! You just hack into an Android game.
  8. It is now time to start playing with the various other amazing options and modes of search that this tool offers, and improve your skills in memory editing.

How do I install

  1. Go to Settings on Android > Security > Permit App installations from unknown sources
  2. Install the SB Game Hacker and install it.
  3. If your phone has been rooted and you have it, you’re all set to go

Download Game Hacker APK Download – Android

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