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Free phone service that includes voice transcription

Google Voice is a free service for phone calls that grants users with a free number that allows you to connect to a variety of different devices to ensure that you don’t miss an opportunity to make a call. Advanced voice to text capabilities allow voicemail messages to be saved, transcribed or forward to other devices.

The capability to record conversations

Google Voice is similar to a personal answering service. Instead of storing multiple number for the exact same individual The cost-free Google Voice number calls all devices to ensure that you not miss a phone call. Users can select the devices they wish to call different people at different times during the day. For instance, calls from close contacts can be sent to a mobile phone, while numbers from work can be routed to voicemail after working hours. The conversation can be recorded in the middle of the call pressing one button. Voice transcription can also allow voicemails to be recorded and transferred to other devices, or the entire conversation can be stored and recorded for a long time.

Complete control over answering the phone

Google Voice offers a variety of call-screening options including the ability to listen to voice messages, as well as the ability to respond to calls in the middle. The numbers can also be blocked or sent directly to voicemail. It is completely free and also includes discounts for international calls. But, it’s not globally accessible across all operating systems.

Download Google Voice APK for Android Download

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