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KineMaster wants to create a professional video for people because it offers a great video editing suite not out of place on the whole PC. Multiple video layers, up to four audio tracks, frame by frame editing, and speed and color control for the name but nothing more.

KineMaster Apk V4.14.4.16740.GP

KineMaster Pro also plays a vital role in video editing. The downside to the free version of KineMaster Video is that all videos will be published with a watermark. Also, there are restrictions on some features with the Pro version, which are priced at $4.99 a month or 39.99 on a one-year subscription offering a more fully loaded experience. Even if you want to make big movies on the fly, the free version certainly provides enough for you to decide whether to splash out and go to Hollywood with the Pro.

Kinemaster Mod Apk

Viva Video 

Although we focus on more advanced video editors with a list of video editing software for our PC video, we’re trying to get things done with our mobile video editors. Mobile videos can be serious business, but they can also be fun, and Viva Video offers more fun than the KineMaster’s choice.

KineMaster Pro Apk for Android

KineMaster Apk Free Download

KineMaster Apk Makes editing videos easier with cool addon’s like oral video stickers, special effects added animated content and even video filters. It also comes with its audio tracks and music library. Then once you create your masterpiece Viva Video, it becomes easy to share your movies on the Viva Video network, which reportedly has over 200 million users.

Best Editing Mobile Video

Video editing on a smartphone will never be the same as on a desktop PC, but the distance between the two is getting shorter, as KineMaster apk rightly points out.

Unique Feature Set

This excellent video editing tool has many advanced features but presents them so that even a comfortable user can understand and apply. And if you’re not sure about anything after the initial tutorial, the app has tips and tricks.

When you start KineMaster download, it gives you the option to record a video, edit an existing one, or create one from a photo. You can also combine multiple videos or images into a single movie.

KineMaster Pro Apk V4.14.4.16740.GP

Now for editing. The list of options for each edit will make you sleep, but here are some highlights: Easily trim or cut frames; Control video speed; Add transition effects; Zoom and pan in a steel image (known as the Ken Burns effect); Adjust the volume of different parts of the video; Add sounds (including voice-overs) Rotation clips; Video and audio filters; A chroma-key (green screen); And change themes, texts, and colors. Then you can always move, add, or delete clips and videos.

If you’re not satisfied with any of these edits, you can preview them immediately – either as an individual frame or as a whole movie. KineMaster Online plays a vital role in video editing.

Once the edit is complete, you can export to Full HD, or lower quality. There’s MOV support, and you can tweak and battery the frame to suit your needs. All of these features are available for free but, unless you pay a fee, the videos contain the KineMaster apk watermark.

Intuitive User Interface

What makes KineMaster Apk work better is that it makes some compelling video editing features easy to apply through its smart and well-presented user interface (UI). The UI is split between the video you are creating, a frame-by-frame timeline below, and a wheel of options (record video, add volume, add more videos/photos and select a theme). Clicking on a frame gives you individual editing options. It’s straightforward and easy to navigate.

There is no save button, but the reason is that all your tweaks are saved automatically.

The Best Video Editing

KineMaster stands out in the video editing market due to its wide range of advanced features that make it easily accessible to all levels. If you are looking for a tool to enhance your creativity and make this perfect video, look no further than this great app.


  • Makes video editing easy
  • Tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the app
  • Intuitive user interface
  • An unrivaled range of features


  • Watermarks on all videos in free version

Download KineMaster Apk 2021 for android

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