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Latest coronavirus updates from around world

The coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than 4,741,748 people in the time since the outbreak began in China in December,

A child with coronavirus is receiving treatment in the hospital. File photo

PARIS: Here are the most recent developments regarding the coronavirus outbreak:

— Paraguay is finally seeing an entire day without Covid deaths –

For the first time in the last month since march 2020, Paraguay has a day that is free of Covid deaths Health ministry officials announced on Sunday.

The epidemic has killed 16,188 people in the country, with deaths peaking in the month of July 2021, until the government finally registered the day as a Saturday that was not a day of death.

A surge of cases is reported in Syria –

Health facilities in the Syrian capital Damascus and the coastal province of Latakia are at capacity due to increasing coronavirus cases, and certain patients are being transferred to the provinces according to a health official.

The outbreak of 442 coronaviruses in the country in areas controlled by the government on Saturday set an all-time record for the daily count. So far, the country has been hit by 32,580 cases as well as 2198 deaths in areas controlled by the regime.

— Bolsonaro is negative in tests Bolsonaro’s test results are negative

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro tests negative for the virus on Sunday, following 3 members from his delegation who returned to his trip to the UN body general assembly at New York caught it, states the government.

The statement didn’t say whether President Bolsonaro who has been isolated for the past few days, would resume regular tasks on Monday. Bolsonaro is not vaccine-free and was seen numerous occasions throughout New York without a mask.

— Cox offers vaccines to Nicaragua, Bolivia –

Spain provides almost 500 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine as well as Bolivia receives 188.370 doses of Pfizer of The United States.

Both of the shipments were made through the Covax scheme, which was designed to provide the vaccine at no cost to the less fortunate nations, and paid for by richer countries.

– France doubles vaccines doses for poor countries –

President Emmanuel Macron announces that France will increase by two the doses of vaccine it gives to less developed countries, to 120 million and collaborate in conjunction with UNICEF to assist African countries organize their vaccination rolls.

France will also channel 20 % of the funds it received from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for projects that aim to revive the economy of African countries.

In France, numbers have dropped in “Covid pass” protests

More than 60,000 people gather all over France to protest against the “Covid pass,” the “Covid pass” required access to a variety of public spaces, as per government estimates. This is a significant drop from previous weekends.

Over 4.7 million dead

Coronavirus killed over 4,741,748 people since it was first reported in China in December of this year according to an AFP count from official sources.

It is believed that the US is the country most affected with 687,789 deaths. It is being followed by Brazil with 594,200 deaths, India which has 446.918, Mexico with 275,303, and Russia with 319,900.

The countries that have the highest number of deaths in the past seven days are those in the United States with 14,255; Russia with 5,670 deaths; and Mexico with 4,500.

The WHO has declared that including the excess deaths, directly and indirectly, related to Covid-19, the true total toll could be up to three times greater than the official figures.

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