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Latest Covid updates from around the world

The Covid-19 virus caused 648,357 deaths in the US which is the most anywhere in the world.

PARIS: Here are the latest developments regarding the coronavirus epidemic:

The aforementioned US booster shots

More than 60 million people across the US can now get the Pfizer booster shot to combat Covid-19, president Joe Biden says, after the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has overruled the panel it has appointed experts in health regarding the issue.

After 561 days Back to normal

Norway will be lifting on Saturday nearly all restrictions that were imposed in March 2020 in order to fight against Covid-19, as the Norwegian government announces.

– Pakistan debt extended –

The Paris Club of creditor countries provides Pakistan another timeframe, which runs until December 31, to pay off its debts in order to allocate its resources towards fighting Covid. Covid pandemic. It doesn’t provide an amount.

– – End of Tunisian curfew

Tunisian Presidency Kais Saied announces the lifting of a curfew for nighttime that has been in effect since March 2020, because of the coronavirus pandemic however, he does require vaccination certificates for all public occasions.

The Cuban Bars and Restaurants to Reopen – Cuban bar, a restaurant set to open again Cuban bars, restaurants to reopen

Restaurants and bars, which have been which were closed in January open gradually starting on Fridays in the eight of Cuba’s fifteen provinces including Havana, the capital city. Havana.

– Berlin Marathon –

Ethiopia’s Kenenisa Bekele has pledged to break the men’s record for the marathon on the streets of Berlin this Sunday nine months after she was cured of Covid-19. The race was the very first race with an official start since the outbreak of the virus.

– 4.7 million dead –

The coronavirus has killed at most 4,725,638 people in the time since the virus was first reported within China in December of this year according to an AFP report from official sources.

The US is the country with the highest death rate with 648,357 people dying, being followed by Brazil with 592,964. India and the number of 446,368, Mexico with 274,139, and Russia with 200,273.

According to the most recent reports, the countries with the latest deaths included the most affected by the United States with 3,159, followed by Russia with 828 which is a new record -and Mexico which had 748.

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