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The Walking Dead, The Last of Us, The Mist. One of our biggest fears as human beings revolves around the idea of a parasiticand malformed reproduction of living creatures. This is a nightmare for us to put it mildly. Escape and Run Parasites manifests this terror by presenting a variety of parasites, some of that are based on existing mobs. It’s truly frightening and can trigger nostalgia, or whatever it is. Today, we’ll explain the steps you can download the mod and then install it as well as everything it involves. Let’s begin.

Scape and Run APK


Scape and Run Parasites is a mod created by Dhanantry with model support via MoonlitLamps and Skarrier and author credit being given to MainStun. The mod revolves around parasite mobs that propagate their disease by attacking other mobs that can later evolve into massive and dangerous monsters that terrorize the entire world. It’s been gaining popularity recently due to numerous YouTube videos that are related to the subject.

Your goal as a survivor’s mission is to take out all parasites prior to they can grow by taking out mobs. Scape and Run: Parasites has more than 270,000 downloads on its official website at curseforge and is among the top horror mods available on the market!

Scape and Run APK

Installing Forge

To play any Forge mod like Scape and Run: Parasites You’ll need to download Forge. It’s quite simple and easy to automate and here’s the procedure.

  1. Install the Forge Installer for your version of Minecraft you’re planning to play with. Parasites is only available on 1.12.2 which is what we’ll use. The Official Forge Downloads Page here..
  2. Download the jar and then choose the option to install Client from the pop-up that it displays to you.
  3. Re-open or open your Minecraft launcher and modify the install in to forge in the event that it didn’t automatically switch.

Scape and Run APK

Downloading Parasites

After you’ve installed Forge installed, you are able to download and play any mods that you like. Since we are able to piggyback on the latest trends, we’re settling for Parasites.

  1. Visit Curseforge’s official Curseforge site.
  2. Click on and click on the file tab.
  3. Select the most current version that is compatible with your Minecraft installation. Minecraft.
  4. Examine any dependencies. (Parasites is not one of them.)

Server Installation

In order for the mod to function on servers it is necessary that the server has the mod installed, as well. Be sure to run an server running Forge.

  1. Start to your Apex Server Panel.
  2. Make sure to stop your server prior to proceeding.
  3. After your server is shut down and is offline then click FTP access to files. After that, sign in.
  4. From here, you can go to the mods folder.
  5. In the mods folder, click upload and drop the Parasites file that we previously downloaded in.

After the file is uploaded 100 percent 1/1 files, select the server’s name in the upper right hand corner of this page to begin your server again.

After your server has completed the initial process of starting it up You can then click the console button. On the console tab, you can review the server’s process in the event that something goes wrong. When your server has started up, you will know that you have been able to install Scape and Run Parasites!

Scape and Run APK



Parasites can be defined as any entity or creature that is created by mods. They’re nasty, infected and infect virtually every mob that is vanilla to increase in strength. Similar to the zombie virus that spreads by infection. In contrast to zombies, they don’t just rely on the sheer number of people, but instead create more powerful parasites with distinct abilities. Let’s review the different kinds of monsters are out there.

Download Scape and Run APK Mod 1.12.2 Download

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